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On the basis of our comprehensive databases on foreign trade information, we provide different types of data content. Our portfolio mainly comprises international commodity and customs nomenclatures as well as tariff measures applied by third countries. Moreover, we also have available content on non-tariff measures of destination countries and in relation to preferential and non-preferential origin as well as to export control measures.
Our tariff databases for more than 150 countries are editorially integrated and consolidated and are unique in the combination of quality and quantity. They are featured by regular updates and an outstanding depth of integration, also covering internal taxes and additional levies due at importation.
The corresponding data content can be prepared in different formats, such as usual open formats or compliant with specific interfaces, e.g. in XML. Interfaces of known software providers for foreign trade solutions can be supported, e.g. MIC or SAP; adaptations for niche solutions however are also feasible. Provision of data content is available both for internal applications and for online solutions. We deliver and update for use in your system:
Tariff numbers and commodity descriptions
Harmonized System (HS) in its versions from 1996 to 2017
statistical nomenclatures such as the Combined Nomenclature (CN) of the EU and export nomenclatures of different countries, e.g. of Australia, Japan or the United States (Schedule B)
Nomenclature of the Integrated Tariff of the European Communities (TARIC)
customs nomenclatures for more than 130 third countries, e.g. HTSUS (USA), NCM (Brazil), Russia, India, China ...
Tariff measures
regular rates of duties, i.e. MFN rates and general rates
preferential tariff rates for goods of EU origin or of any other third-country origin, e.g. preferential rates in India for goods of Chinese origin or vice versa
further tariff measures such as regulatory duties, tariff suspensions or tariff quotas ...
Taxes and additional levies
general consumption tax (value added tax, goods and services tax, sales tax, etc.)
excise tax (excise duty, specific consumption tax, luxury tax, etc.)
additional levies, charges and fees due at importation ...
Non-tariff measures
requirements for authorisations, licences and certificates
compulsory certification, e.g. the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) or GOST ...
Rules of origin
for all agreements and trade arrangements of the EU
for any preferential agreements between third countries ...
Export control regulations
international and national commodity lists, e.g. List of Dual-use Items and Technology of the EC, Common List of Military Equipment of the EU, US Commerce Control List (CCL), US Munitions List, etc.
Sanctioned party lists
lists of the EU, the United States and the United Nations
further national and international lists ...
The compiled data is provided mainly in English, but may also be composed in predominantly German or, where required, in French or Spanish. Depending on the subject matter, further original languages are supported, e.g. other official languages of the EU.
The data may be provided in various formats, e.g.:
text-based formats
XML, e.g. for SAP GTS or MIC
individual interfaces
standardised interfaces, e.g. MIC, SAP ERP systems or GTS
The contents: our modular system
If you are importing a wide range of products into a country, the complete nomenclature of this country is of interest to you, together with the measures which are relevant to you. If you are exporting a particular group of products, e.g. textiles of section XI, to various destinations, you require the chapters 50 to 63 of these countries. If you are marketing one product in almost all countries, you will be interested in one (sub-)heading worldwide. If you are exporting machinery, you do not require information on swine halves and vice versa – and we will not charge you for this. Of course, you may always upload the complete basic nomenclatures in order to classify any kinds of products.
The updates: flexible to answer to your needs
You are calculating your prices on export markets once a year – then this rota will make sense for you. You want to know whether any conditions have changed by the quarter, or you are even checking your supply chain on a monthly basis? Or do you want updates every time when something has changed? We will gladly arrange the delivery schedule with you.